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SCB IP+ 04 NUUO IP Camera Software, NVR Software

NUUO 4 Channel IP Camera Software License

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NUUO IP Camera Software

SCB IP+ 04 NUUO IP Camera Software, NVR Software

NUUO IP camera software, also known as network camera software, supports up to 64 IP cameras / network cameras on a single NVR server. It also supports up to 32-megapixel cameras on a single NVR. Although we recommend letting us build a custom NVR server for you, we do offer the IP camera software separately so that customers and installers can build their own. Before purchasing, please ensure that your cameras are compatible with NUUO. If you are looking for certain features such as PTZ or Motion Detection, confirm it is on the NUUO IP Camera Software Supported List. The NUUO SCB IP+ 01 is a single channel IP camera / NVR software license with support for both normal resolution IP cameras and megapixel cameras. The NUUO SCB IP+ 01 license can be used in conjunction with NUUO DVR cards to create a hybrid surveillance system or by itself to create a pure IP based surveillance system. The SCB IP+ 01 comes with a software CD and a USB license dongle. Your surveillance system can be expanded at any time by purchasing additional license dongles for your system to expand up to 64 cameras or 32 megapixel cameras. The modular design of NUUO allows you to grow your system as needed with both IP cameras and CCTV cameras. CCTV Camera Pros can also custom build a NVR / DVR system for you using the SCB IP+ 01 software. Some of the major features of the SCB IP+ 01 include

  • Compatible with Windows XP & Windows Vista operating system
  • Scheduled, motion detection, and continuous recording
  • Dual monitor real-time A/V display
  • Compatible with over 470 models of IP cameras
  • Can be used with NUUO DVR cards to integrate both IP and CCTV cameras

NUUO IP Camera Software / NVR Software Features

  • View and monitor up to 64 channels from IP cameras, Network Cameras, & mega-pixel cameras
  • Dual monitor Real-Time display and Playback with HD quality at 30FPS
  • “Smart Guard system” with 6 kinds of video analytics and 6 kinds of instant response
  • GUI Recording Schedule
  • Intelligent search for easy locating of recorded events
  • Recording modes: Continuous, Event, Motion, Scheduled, Manually, w/ Audio, Auto Recycle
  • Video Analytics: General motion, Missing Object, Foreign Object, Camera Occlusion, Loose Focus, Signal Lost.
  • Real-Time A/V multi-events viewer and filter
  • MPEG4 / MJPEG Video Compressions supported
  • 2-way audio support
  • Video Quality Enhancement Tools
  • 1280 X 1024 or above recording resolution


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