DVR Hard Drives

CCTV Surveillance DVR Hard Drives

Our stand-alone DVRs and PC-based surveillance systems include at least a One Terabyte (1000GB) SATA dvr hard drive and can be upgraded to as much as 24 Terabytes depending on the specific DVR model. To accommodate varying video surveillance needs, 247 Security Cameras supplies additional CCTV Surveillance DVR Hard Drives and / or upgraded hard drives for our stand alone DVRs, NVRs and PC-based surveillance systems.

Why upgrade the CCTV Surveillance DVR Hard Drive in your DVR?
There are several variables which play into requiring larger storage capacity in one’s DVR:
1. The number of cameras you are using will affect the appropriate DVR or NVR hard drive size.

2. The resolution of these cameras (low, medium or megapixel), the higher the camera resolution, the better the video quality, and this will increase the storage requirements.

3. The Frames per Second rate you select for each camera (7.5, 15, 20 or 30 fps), for the higher the frame rate the more storage is needed.

4. The length of time you wish for the DVR to record (one, two, three weeks or more). Once you have assessed the number of cameras, the resolution and frame rate, determined how much time you can record before the oldest day is deleted, you will be able to decide which size hard drive is best for your video surveillance needs.

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