VariFocal Security Camera Lens

What is the meaning of varifocal lens in CCTV cameras? Simply put, a varifocal lens is a lens that can zoom in and out. You can adjust the lens so that it captures a wider area or so that it focuses in more detail on a smaller area.

Varifocal lenses come in various aperture sizes. Generally, the smallest aperture size of varifocal lenses used in home security cameras is 2.8-12mm, and the largest is 5-100mm. A larger aperture means that you can zoom in closer and view images in more details, while a smaller aperture means that you can zoom out further to see a wider area.

Varifocal Security Camera Lens Advantages

1. More Flexible Installation Options
Unlike a fixed lens, a varifocal security camera lens gives you more freedom and flexibility to choose an installation spot. Outdoor security cameras with varifocal lens help you monitor large outdoor areas, such as front yard, back yard, parking lots.

2. Higher Quality Videos/Images Captured
Another benefit of varifocal surveillance camera lens is that it can adjust focal length to change the field of view. You can zoom in until you see the exact clear view, or zoom out to capture a wide picture as you want. Either zooming in or out, the picture quality will not be damaged.

3. Less Installation Cost
If you want to capture a different angle of view with a fixed lens camera, you’ll have to reinstall it and change its location. Reinstalling process involves relocating, drilling and wiring. This costs you extra time and money and energy in the long run. A varifocal lens security camera help clear the headache of frequent reinstallation. If the varifocal camera has WiFi or PoE enabled, the installation process can be much easier.

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