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We at 247 Security Cameras have a solution based on function that fits your surveillance needs.

If you are looking for night vision cameras we carry short and long range night vision cameras.  Some of our cctv cameras can see upto 600 feet away.

We also carry SD card recording cameras.  They are able to record the video on a SD Card installed in the camera.  This is also known in the industry as edge recording.

Some clients prefer to use cameras with motorized zoom lens.  The advantage of these cameras is that they can focus themselves if the lens ever goes out of focus.  You dont need to climb up the ladder to focus the camera, saving a service call.

Some clients need license plate capture cameras to record the plate numbers of cars entering a certain area.  These cameras are ideal for parking lots, parks or any designated area .

For the remote areas where you cant to keep an eye on things we recommend our Wireless Security Cameras.  Our professional grade wireless cameras are perfect for monitoring those areas where you cant run cabling to a single recording device.

The main purpose of Wide Angle Security Cameras is to cover a wider area then you would with a regular 3.6mm lens.  This allows one camera to do the job of two cameras.

Panoramic Security Cameras give you wide-area coverage with just one camera. You can use them to monitor activities and detect incidents in large areas, track the flow of people, and improve area management. And because just one camera plays the role of many, your installation and system costs are kept lower.

PTZ Security Cameras have the ability to pan, tilt, and zoom (PTZ) allowing the user to monitor larger areas that would require multiple fixed cameras. By moving to monitor suspicious actions or high-action areas, PTZ cameras offer the security of video surveillance while minimizing installation.

Indoor security cameras are great for keeping an eye on kids and pets at home or employees at work.

Outdoor Security Cameras are specifically designed to handle the elements.  The Outdoor Security Cameras are rated IP66, IP67 and IP68.  The higher the raining the better it is at dealing with the elements.

Elevator security cameras help increase the safety of employees and residents, preventing illegal activity and unauthorized entry to restricted areas whilst granting easy access to those who need it.

Explosion Proof cameras deliver reliable process, safety, and security monitoring in harsh, hazardous and corrosive environments. These rugged cameras are certified for use in areas where ignitable concentrations of gases or liquids exist.

If you have any questions, o cant find what you are looking for, give us a call.

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